Where the Crawdads Sing Review

Where the Crawdads Sing is another example of the familiar love triangle trope that the Twilight Saga or the Hunger Games franchise has used to perfection to forward their stories in each installment of the books and films. It was used to good effect in this film as well.  Kya Clark (Daisy Edgar Jones, Jojo Regina) is a girl affectionatelyContinue reading “Where the Crawdads Sing Review”

Sing 2 Review

Sing 2 is the sequel to the widely popular Sing, which came out back in 2016. Sing captured the hearts of many people with its charm, great character development, and of course, those amazing covers of popular songs. Sing 2 hopes to capture that same magic the first one did. I am here to say it does just that. Sing 2 picksContinue reading “Sing 2 Review”

Colin Firth is everywhere this year!

Colin Firth is a British film,television and theater actor. He was born on September 10th 1960. His film s have made 3 billion dollars from 42 releases worldwide. His most notable ¬†and acclaimed role to date has been his 2010 portrayal of King Henry VI in the King’s Speech a performance that gained him anContinue reading “Colin Firth is everywhere this year!”