Pam & Tommy Review

In the ’90s, everybody seemed to have their fifteen minutes of fame. It wasn’t until the last five or so years, though, that these stories got turned into films and miniseries. We’ve gotten O.J.: Made in America, I, Tonya, and Richard Jewell recently. Now it’s time to see the Pam and Tommy Sex Tape Scandal come to streaming andContinue reading “Pam & Tommy Review”

Is 2016 the resurgence of the horror movie genre?

Either late 2015 or early 2016 I was told by some unnamed person or podcast or blog that the year 2016 was gonna be the resurgence of the horror movie genre. In recent years we have been blessed with a bunch of Paranormal Activity films, a couple Insidious films, remakes of Halloween and Poltergeist, TheContinue reading “Is 2016 the resurgence of the horror movie genre?”