Summering Review

James Ponsoldt has been directing for a while now. He has more than a few films under his belt, including The Circle and The End of the Tour. His most successful film as far as critical and fan acclaim is The Spectacular Now. His latest film, Summering, is a little different from his other films. This time, he’s directingContinue reading “Summering Review”

A Love Song Review

Sometimes the best movies are those that are understated. Quiet and slow can be more effective than gut-busting laughter or large explosions and action scenes in films. Even though those could be fun as well if done right. A slower, quieter film like A Love Song lets the actors and the story be the film’s star, andContinue reading “A Love Song Review”

Mr. Malcolm’s List Review

Sometimes various genres of film are bigger than the medium in some ways. One of those genres is the period piece set in the colonial era here in America or overseas in Great Britain. Films like Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Howards End, and Emma and shows like Bridgerton and Dickinson have made the females in the world flutter. This period is saidContinue reading “Mr. Malcolm’s List Review”

Supernova Review

Bleecker Street has had a few movies recently that have dealt with love and its many variations. This film is about two men specifically who have a very touching and beautiful relationship. Supernova is that rare film that touches on romantic things without being too preachy. It has a softer side to it that films such asContinue reading “Supernova Review”