Day Shift Review

Vampire movies have come in all shapes and sizes over the decades. Of course, the classic Bela Lugosi Dracula and Nosferatu starring Max Shreck are the standards of this genre. Interview with a Vampire, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, The Lost Boys, and Fright Night brought the genre to a whole new generation of film lovers and horror enthusiasts. The latest vampire film, Day Shift, wouldn’t beContinue reading “Day Shift Review”

Stranger Things Season 4 Review

Netflix hit it big a few years ago when the Duffer Brothers brought them an idea for a sci-fi show set in the ’80s. It became a cultural phenomenon. The populace as a whole found they could relate to this small town feeling the show was set in. Kids on bikes and families were theContinue reading “Stranger Things Season 4 Review”

The Humans Review

Thanksgiving is a holiday where families get together to be thankful for everything they have in their lives. Usually, it’s a relaxing time and a time to take a break from work and catch up with family members and or friends over a nice meal, some eggnog, and football. Showtime and A24 have brought theirContinue reading “The Humans Review”

Let Them All Talk Review

Steven Soderbergh has had quite a career as a director over the last three decades. He worked with dozens of the industry’s biggest stars. A few of them have even won Oscars and Emmys for their roles in his films. In Let Them Talk, he gets to work with one of the greatest actresses ever forContinue reading “Let Them All Talk Review”

The Prom Review

The musical genre has been one of the great hits over the decades, but lately, it has been one of the misses. Netflix has jumped into the musical genre with their latest film The Prom. The film is full of A-list stars and a message kids and adults alike can get behind this day and age.Continue reading “The Prom Review”

Nomadland Review

Chloe Zhao is a hot commodity in Hollywood these days, so much that she got offered to do a big-budget Marvel movie. But before she hit the big time directing an MCU film, she did low-budget indies, such as Songs My Brothers Taught Me and The Rider. Just like her previous films, Nomadland is a semi-documentary semi-narrative film. It hasContinue reading “Nomadland Review”

Mank Review

It has been widely said over the decades that Citizen Kane is the greatest film of all time. Rumors of its origins have been spreading around Hollywood and the country for decades. This story has been one that has been criticized because of its subject matter. If the rumors are true, then it makes sense. Mank is the storyContinue reading “Mank Review”

Ammonite Review

Francis Lee usually writes and directs character studies that focus on small people and small places. He takes these people and places and puts a microscope on them. Normally, nobody would care about the subject matter, but his deft hand brings out the character of said people and places. Ammonite is Francis Lee at hisContinue reading “Ammonite Review”

Uncle Frank Review

Alan Ball is primarily known for writing tv shows such as Six Feet Under, True Blood, and Here and Now, as well as the Academy Award-winning Best Picture from 1999, American Beauty. He has done some directing as well, mostly tv shows, but in 2007, his biggest film to date, Towel Head, came out. Uncle Frank is the first film he’s directedContinue reading “Uncle Frank Review”

Hillbilly Elegy Review

Ron Howard has directed all kinds of films in his 40-year directing career. He’s done biopics. He’s done period pieces. But this is the first time he’s directed a movie for a streaming service. Hillbilly Elegy is a combination of all of these things. This is quite different than everything he’s directed before.  J.D. Vance (played byContinue reading “Hillbilly Elegy Review”