The Silent Twins Review

There has been a wide range of films about crime or criminals. Most are straightforward types of stories such as gangster films or films where the characters are just going down the wrong path. Or calculated criminals like bank robbers and or car thieves. The Silent Twins, based on a true story depicted in theContinue reading “The Silent Twins Review”

The Woman King Review

There have been a lot of historical epics over the years from the perspective of men and their kingdoms or places that they rule. There haven’t been many from the perspective of women. The occasional Queen Elizabeth it’s sequel or Messenger The Story of Joan of Arc or even Cleopatra starring Elizabeth Taylor back inContinue reading “The Woman King Review”

End of the Road Review

Having not grown up with acting skills in her past, Queen Latifah has turned out to be a decent actress. In fact, she started out as a rapper. As it were she’s not the only rapper turned actor. Her career is as varied as Last Holiday to The Equalizer, a reboot of the old tvContinue reading “End of the Road Review”

Clerks III Review

The 1994 film Clerks was a critical and financial success. It only cost twenty-six thousand dollars to make, maxing out the writer/director Kevin Smith’s credit cards. With Clerks, Kevin Smith kicked off a new generation of independent filmmakers making movies with their friends. It also captured a zeitgeist that hadn’t let up involving this director or his films.Continue reading “Clerks III Review”

See How They Run Review

Fans of Agatha Christie, Murder Mysteries, and comedy films are going to love to See How They Run. I’ve never seen a film that mixes so many familiar tropes in these three genres together. Tom George the director balances this line with beautiful precision and eloquence.  The film takes place in 1950s London. in theContinue reading “See How They Run Review”

House of Darkness Review

With September comes the nearing fall season and foliage, and with that, Halloween. Halloween brings a new crop of horror movies and television shows, streaming or otherwise. House of Darkness is one such film. It’s writer/director Neil LaBute’s contribution to the horror genre this Halloween season, and it’s not what you’d expect, especially from the title. HapContinue reading “House of Darkness Review”

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone Review

John Lee Hancock is a celebrated director of such films as The Blind Side, The Founder, and Saving Mr. Banks. His last film The Little Things wasn’t well received even though Jared Leto did garner some awards attention for his role in the film. His latest film, Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, is a horror story producedContinue reading “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone Review”

The Lord of the Rings-The Rings of Power Review

The Lord of the Rings was a book by J.R.R. Tolkien adapted into three films in the early 2000s by Peter Jackson, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King. These three films garnered critical acclaim, winning many Academy Awards, and fan success making quite a bit of moneyContinue reading “The Lord of the Rings-The Rings of Power Review”

Gigi & Nate Review

Films about animals can be hit or miss. Over the years the animal genre has had some huge hits such as Benji, Old Yeller, Black Stallion,  Free Willy, and so many more. There is something about this genre that pulls on the heartstrings. The emotional attachment of the said animal in the film gets audiencesContinue reading “Gigi & Nate Review”