Liam Neeson’s KILLER year at the box office

What a year for Liam Neeson. Liam Neeson has been in six movies this year. He’s the Irish born actor who rose to prominence with his acclaimed role in Steven Spielberg’s 1993 Oscar winning Best Picture  as Oscar Schindler. He has also starred as Darkman,and Qui Gon Jinn in The Phantom Menace among a whole slew of other movie characters. In 2008 he finally got his franchise even though nobody saw it coming – including him. Taken came out that year and spawned a sequel in 2012 where he rescues his daughter who has been taken on 2 different occasions. The second sequel has just released some photos this week. Lately Liam has dove into the comedy genre with the news he has been cast in Ted 2.

images (11) The_Nut_Job_poster


In January, Liam was in the animated movies about squirrels trying to find a food source was lost. Neeson’s character is Raccoon in The Nut Job.


In February, Liam Neeson starred  in two movies. The first was The Lego Movie where he voiced the characters Good Cop and Bad Cop – 2 sides of the same character. The second was Non-Stop a movie about an air marshal accused of trying to extort millions of dollars. In Non-Stop he plays Bill Marks the air marshal who is tasked with saving a doomed flight while also trying to prove his innocence.


In May, Liam stars as the villain in the news movie from Seth McFarlane’s “A Million Ways to Die in the West”. A western where Seth plays Albert a week willed man who steals his girlfriend Anna played by Charlize Theron.


In July, Neeson plays Micheal a writer man having an a affair with a younger women, Anna, portrayed by Olivia Wilde. The Third Person is the latest puzzle of a movie by writer/director Paul Haggis.


Last week the the most recent movie from Liam Neeson came when “A Walk Among the Tombstones” premiered with  little acclaim. As Matthew Scudder, a retired police detective, he gets hired to find a drug dealers wife, Dan Stevens, and gets embroiled in a kidnapping ring and finds a new little friend.44

In this year alone, Liam Neeson’s movies have grossed 896.2 million dollars, approaching a billion dollars. Mr. Neeson has proven to be a box-office star. a man who gets the exclusive 20 million dollars a picture. One thing is for sure when you cast Liam Neeson in a movie whether it be an animated movie like The Nut Job, The Lego Movie, an action drama like A Walk Among the Tombstones, or even a comedy, he continues to make movies that make money at the box-office. Taken 3 and Ted 2 will be movies that are no different when they come out next year.

-Dan Skip Allen

Jessica Chastain, If you like her your in for a big surprise! She has a big second half of 2014 in store for her fans.



If you think you have seen this beautiful red headed women before, its probably because you have. She’s one of the best working actresses in Hollywood. She came to prominence in 2011 when she portrayed (Celia Foote) in The Help. She was rewarded with an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role as this southern bell. Who needed help learning to cook so she could make her husband happy. She lost the Oscar that year to Octavia Spencer who portrayed the maid (Minny Jackson), who helped her become. a better cook in the kitchen. That same year Chastain starred in a few more lower profile roles. Take Shelter she starred with Micheal Shannon as his wife who has to live with a man obsessed with building a fallout shelter. Also that year she starred in a supporting role as a Mossad agent (Young Rachel Singer) sent to east Berlin in the 1960’s to capture a Nazi doctor accused of crime’s against society. Helen Mirron played the older character. The same year Chastain played the wife of Brad Pitt (Mrs. O’Brien) in the Terrance Malick masterpiece The Tree of Life. She played a (Detective Sam Stall) trying to solve a murder in The Texas Killing Fields earlier in the year.

2012 would be another good year for her because she once again was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress for her performance as Maya special ops agent in Zero Dark Thirty. She Also played the wife (Maggie Bauford) of Tom Hardy in Lawless a period piece set in the 1920’s prohibition era. A women with vast range she also played the mother (Annabel) dressed as a rocker with short black hair. She tried to save her children from the titular title character in Mama. That year she would have the number 1 and 2 movies at the box office at the same time in January.


article-2183430-145FEB1E000005DC-513_634x619 eleanor-rigby

This year Jessica Chastain has another epic year ahead of her with roles in The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby as the wife of a man (Eleanor) who has gone through  a tragedy trying to piece they’re marriage back together.


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Later in November she plays the older version of (Murph) the daughter of Matthew McConaughey’s character Cooper in Interstellar. The Sci-Fi epic from director Christopher Nolan.


A-Most-Violent-Year mostviolentyear-teaserposter-full


In December she stars along with Oscar Isaac as his wife (Anna Morales) in a crime drama set during the early 80’s in New York. She also has role in Miss Julie, The Zookeepers Wife and Crimson Peak in her future. Richard Roeper said back in 2011 that “Jessica Chastain is one of the best actresses of her generation”. From all these great performances and different roles she has shown that she definitely has what it takes to become the greatest actress of her generation. The future will see if that happens. The dreaded Oscar drought has only been a few years so this year could be that year she wins and puts herself in the conversation as one of the best talents we have. I for one am looking forward to all these movies she has coming.

Dan Skip Allen